AAA are well-known by own the best atomizer debug technology, whose founders have 10 years of experience in the vaping industry and R&D team come from worldwide. We’re passionate about this industry, and focus on highly reliable products with the intense taste and good vapor as long as lower wattage consumption. 


We struggle on create biggest value for our customers and have maintained an solid focus, rejecting shortcuts and easy opportunities that didn’t align with our customer’s core value. Together with our worldwide customers, we are improving vapor’s experience and pay great attention to the details and material of our products to ensure quality for our customers. 

Our team is devoted to our customer most satisfaction so we design and produce products with the goal of bringing out the nature taste of your e-liquid along with a satisfying vapor trail. 

AAA is our brand name (We can call it Triple-A for short). The meaning of AAA is: 

“A “Quest for the best, 

“A ”reliable friend, 

“A ”enjoyment for senses. 


Not only is it our Brand name, but it’s our mission statement as well.