How Did Vaping Do in the Midterm Elections
2019-12-03 09:42:54

In New York, state Assembly member Linda Rosenthal and state Sen. Brad Hoylman — both Dems who have introduced and promoted vaping bans and restrictions — were both re-elected, but flavor ban proponent Sen. Kemp Hannon was defeated in an upset. Hannon’s loss was part of the New York state senate flipping from red to blue, and advocates there may now face more difficult fights.

Michigan became the 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana sales, and the first in the Midwest. The Great Lakes State will become the second-largest recreational market in the country (after California) after 56 percent of voters said yes. The ballot measure also legalized personal possession and growing, and industrial hemp. Michigan has had legal medical cannabis since 2008.

Missouri and Utah both approved ballot measures to legalize weed for medical purposes. Missouri had three confusing measures on the ballot, but voters approved the one supported by most advocates. Ruby red Utah was already entertaining legislative proposals to make medical cannabis legal, and according to NPR, even the Mormon church supports the move.