New Year Events 2020 in Surprise From AAAVAPE
2019-12-23 17:15:29

Happy New Year 2020! For all people who loved our vaping products, we prepare the best mystery gift. Hope we can offer a surprise and best wishes for our lucky customers in the next new year.

Let us go!

Activity Time - From 12/23, 2019 to 12/31, 2019

Activity Plan

Platform: All People on Facebook or INS

Gift: Surprise

Style: Repost our activity posters from our Facebook page or Instagram page, and invite your friends to thumb up and evaluation it.

Reward: After the Activity, we will be based on the quantity about the thumb or comment, the First one will get our mystery gift 

(Attention: usage of money to get the quantity of thumb or comment isn’t accepted)

Gift Distribution

AAAVAPE will publish the winning information in two working days after activity, then the gift will be send based on the winner address in three working days. So please focus on the newest information on our page all the time.

How to enter(on Facebook or Instagram)

1)Follow @aaavape

2)Join the Group "AAAVAPE"

3)Like the Photo

3)Repost the post and hashtag: Instagram with "#aaavape2020", Facebook with "@aaavape2020"

Winner: Who's repost get more thumb or comment during 12/23-12/31,2019, He/She will get the AAA VAPE Mystery Gift. 

(Attention: usage of money to get the quantity of thumb or comment isn’t accepted). 

Please read first before entering

Terms and conditions for the activity:

1.Must be legal age 21 years or what is legal in your jurisdiction to enter. Proof of age will be required if you win. Personal information is only used for age verification and to ship the prize (we pay to ship for this gift).

2.The Winner is chosen at random

3.NOT transferrable and cannot be inherited 

4.CAN NOT be exchanged for cash

5.This device is not intended for used by minors, non-smokers, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons who suffer from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, or take medicine for asthma and depression, or who are sensitive to nicotine.

6.Not for sale to minors.

7.Keep away from children and pets.

8.The Activity is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Faceboo/Instagam, AAAVAPE just wants to say thanks to our vaping friends. 

Good Luck and Enjoy!

The final interpretation of this activity belongs to AAAVAPE.