The aaavape CUB 30W Starter Kit is a glamorous looking vapeļ¼Œ

pioneering a sleek and luxurious design, can hold a whopping 2.0mL of today's most popular eJuice,

and utilizes a new set of mesh,ceramic,flat coils from aaavape for that pure unadulterated taste.

Featuring a fusion of carbon fiber and an zinc-aluminium alloy, the Cub Starter Kit is extremely lightweight and can withstand

many smaller to moderate drops with no issue.

Within the interior of the Cub Starter Kit also sits a sizeable 1000mAh rechargeable battery to

provide plenty of uninterrupted vape time. Mounted to the centered 510 connection,

a 22mm diameter Cub Sub-Ohm Tank sits regally, holding up to 2mL of today's most popular eJuice within the glass tank.

Furthermore, The aaavape Cub 30W Starter Kit utilizes the Cub Sub-Ohm Tank.

Crafted from superior stainless steel, this tank is above the rest with a heat-insulated top cap and top fill system.

Small and

simple Cub, provide you the original and pure vaping experience.

002.jpgAAAVAPE special designed the mesh coils, flat coil,

creamic coil and dual coils staineless with new structure,new technology,

?work great with regular juice, nicotine salt and CBD. Which? provide you the supreme pure taste,

huge clouds, nice throat hit, perfect drew and last very longer.